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Site 9, Northwest Business Park,

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Piano Moving


At Dublin Removals, we understand that pianos are not just musical instruments; they are cherished possessions that hold sentimental value and artistic significance.

Our specialized Piano Removals service in Dublin is designed to ensure the safe, secure, and hassle-free transportation of your precious pianos, whether they are grand pianos, upright pianos, or any other type.

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Our Approach to Piano Moving

Moving a piano requires meticulous planning, careful handling, and precision execution.

Our team of experienced professionals follows a strategic approach to piano removals that guarantees the safety of your instrument throughout the entire process.

Piano Dismantling and Assembly

In cases where piano dimensions pose challenges for transportation, we have the expertise to carefully dismantle and reassemble your piano at the destination.

Our skilled technicians are well-versed in the intricate mechanics of pianos, ensuring that each piece is dismantled with precision and reassembled to its original state.

Specialized Piano Moving Equipment

We utilize specialized piano moving equipment designed to safely transport pianos of all sizes.

From piano dollies and straps to custom crating, we ensure that your piano is protected at every step of the journey.

Piano Wrapping and Protection

Our team employs premium-quality materials to wrap and protect your piano during transportation. This includes padding, blankets, and custom wrapping to shield the piano from any potential damage during transit.

Minimized Customer Disruption

We understand the importance of your time and space. Our professionals work efficiently and with minimal disruption, ensuring that your daily routines and commitments remain unaffected during the piano removal process.

Piano Disposal Services, Dublin

If you require piano disposal services, we handle this process responsibly and ethically. We collaborate with recycling centers and disposal facilities to ensure that pianos are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Complimentary On-Site Surveys and Virtual Consultations

Our commitment to personalized service begins with a complimentary on-site survey where we assess the specific requirements of your piano removal.

Additionally, we offer virtual consultations to accommodate your preferences and schedule.

Garda Vetted and Trained Staff

Our moving professionals are not only trained extensively in piano removals but are also Garda vetted for your peace of mind. Your piano is entrusted to a team of dedicated experts who prioritize its safety.

Dedicated Move Plan Manager

Each piano removal project is assigned a dedicated move plan manager who oversees every aspect of the process. This individual will be your point of contact, ensuring clear communication and smooth execution.

Customized Move Plans and Project Management

We recognize that every piano is unique, and each removal scenario has distinct requirements. Our experts craft customized move plans that cater to the specific needs of your piano, location, and timeline.

Our project management approach guarantees a seamless experience from start to finish.

When you choose Dublin Removals for your piano removal needs in Dublin, you’re opting for a team that is not only skilled and experienced but also passionate about preserving the beauty and integrity of your instrument.