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Fine Art Removals

Moving is hard work and it can be expensive, but with the right company and some careful planning you will find that your move is a lot easier and cheaper than you originally thought.

There are certain things to consider when looking for a removal company, such as how much experience they have moving art pieces; are they qualified in packing; what insurance they have; and what reviews they have from previous customers.

When searching for a good moving company, you want to ask as many questions as possible such as: ‘Do you specialize in fine art Removals?‘ ‘How long has the company been around?’, ‘What qualifications do your movers have?’ and so on.

Of course these aren’t the only questions you should ask but are just some of the main ones.


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There are many moving companies that are able to move your art, however it is important to not just look for any company because they will all claim that they specialize in this area when really they may have very little knowledge or experience when it comes to fine art removals.

It is important to do research when looking for a company and make sure they have an excellent reputation in the field.

One good sign of whether or not a company is able to move your artwork, is how much insurance they have.

Because art pieces are so expensive you want to find a company that will provide you with enough coverage should any of your items get broken during the move.

It is also good to know what type of methods the movers will use when transporting your art pieces, such as how they will wrap and pack them properly.

If you find a company that guarantees their work by providing professional packing services with proper labelling, that most likely means they take their job seriously and the move will run smoothly.

If you are moving with Expert Removals, they have all of these qualifications and more, so be sure to check out their website for more information on how they can help with your next move!

Art Movers – read reviews on the company before you hire them.

You can easily find reviews on different companies by searching online. Knowing what previous customers have said about the moving company you are considering is very important.

Reading reviews will not only tell you if they provide a high level of service but also give insight into the customer’s opinions on their prices, satisfaction levels and attitudes.

Do not just base your decision on one or two reviews because while it may be beneficial to read what others have said about the company, it is important to figure out if their experience was positive or negative. Positive reviews are of course a plus but will not guarantee that your move will go well so be sure to read multiple opinions on different companies prior to hiring.

Fine Art Storage and Transportation


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Be sure to get a written estimate from the company before they start work

It is always to your advantage to get an estimate written out and signed by the company you are hiring. This way there will be no misunderstandings when it comes to how much you will have to pay in total for your move.

Things can sometimes get confused when dealing with movers so having a document in writing that shows how much work it will take and how much the company is charging you, will protect you from any problems that may arise.

If there are any changes or additions to your move that will affect the price of the items being moved, be sure to have them record this in writing on your estimate so it can be accounted for.

It is helpful to always know what the final price will be for your move, so keep this in mind when making arrangements.

A written agreement or quote protects all parties involved

Another reason it is helpful to have a written estimate is because it protects the company and you as well, in case anything should happen during the moving process.

If any damages occur to your furniture or artwork, for example, having an agreement in writing will make it easier to resolve this problem between you and the company instead of arguing about who is responsible for the damages.

This is also a good idea because it makes everything clear from the start and both parties have something to reference in case anything changes during or after your move.

A written agreement will specify how much items should weigh, if there are any extra fees added onto the price of your move and if you plan on hiring a company to pack your belongings, it will say how many movers you should have and what time they should arrive etc.


Ask for references and moving policies

What type of moving policies does the company have? Is it a full service moving company (that means they will pack, clean and move your items)? Do they have insurance policies that cover any damages to your art pieces?

It is important to know what type of services you can expect from the movers and whether or not there are any policies and/or coverage that applies to your move.

A good idea is to call and ask the company these questions, so be sure to do this before you hire them.

The type of moving policies that a company has can even affect the price of your move so be sure to get all of this information in writing prior to hiring.

Asking for references is always a good idea too, because hearing from other customers can help you determine if the company is reliable and dependable.

Negotiate a flat rate instead of hourly

This may be done depending on where you live or what kind of artwork needs to be moved, but in some cases companies will charge by the hour for their services.

In order to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings, it is better to negotiate a flat rate that is based on the number of hours that are needed to complete your entire removals.

This way you can plan ahead for what the final cost will be, instead of worrying about how much it is going to cost you for each individual item of artwork loaded into the moving truck.

Moving company location

What is the nearest major town or city to the company? If you are moving a lot of artwork, sometimes it can be easier to hire companies that are located near you so you may go and meet them in person.

Luckily, in Dublin it is never really too far from one side of the city to the other!


Experienced with certain types of moves?

Asking the company if they are experienced with certain types of moves or if they have expertise in a certain area can also be helpful, because there are some things you should know about the process of moving artwork.

For example, you might want to hire movers that are experienced with packing delicate or fragile items.

If you are planning on having the company pack your items, ask about their experiences and if they use different types of materials for packing purposes.

Moving artwork is a specialised job that requires some specific knowledge about packaging, insurance policies and how to determine the right size truck needed to assist with moving large pieces of art furniture etc.

If you don’t ask these questions and hire a company that is experienced with moving artwork, chances are they will not know how to pack your items properly.

This can be an expensive mistake because of the damage that may occur during the transportation process.

Ask about their equipment or if they use subcontractors for packing or loading?

One last thing you may want to ask the company is if they have their own equipment.

If they do, that means you don’t have to pay for extra materials and if they subcontract out the packing process, it usually means that your items will be packed by people who are not as experienced as those who work directly for the moving company.

Need Help to Move or Store Fine Art in Dublin?

Looking for a company to move or store your fine art? Make sure to follow the tips above and ask as many questions as possible before you hire any moving companies.

One last thing, if you are looking for a company that is well versed in moving artwork and know how to pack delicate items like paintings, antique furniture and other antiques, contact the team here at Dublin Removals today!

085 8327676 or email us directly at

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