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House Removal Costs Ireland

It’s common for someone to think that hiring a moving company is very expensive and they can save money by having their friends help them with the move, or doing it all on their own through hiring a van etc.

It’s important to know what a moving company can do for you. They will provide all of the materials that you need for the move, with every single detail being thought out. It would be hard to do something like this on your own because it requires experience.

At the end of the day, you need to know that your items are in good hands. Here are 4 ways how you can save money on house removal costs in Ireland.

1. Packing and moving

Moving companies have all day (or days) to complete the move, whereas you may only be able to take one or two days off work before getting back on the job again.

This is especially true for those who work in manual labour occupations where taking time off from work means loss of income.

If you decide to move the entire contents of your house, hire removal vehicles, arrange removal packaging and boxes, move beds and couches etc – this is likely going to require you to take time off your own work.

Unless you have sufficient holidays built up and want to use them, this is going to cost you. Having seen this many times before, the actual cost is likely to be more than if you hired a local moving company.


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Moving House Ireland

2. Transporation

If you are moving your goods over a short distance, you can always rent or buy a van. But then the question is – do you have the right vehicle parking space for this?

The house removal company will know exactly where they need to park their equipment and trucks in order to make it as easy as possible for them.

The more difficult the move, the more you are going to pay, and if it turns out that a van can do everything then you may have just paid over the odds.

Getting quotes is never a bad idea, even if it does turn out that you need to spend money on some sort of transportation – at least you’ll get an accurate price for the job.

But you should remember that if you hire a house removal company, they will usually know exactly what they are doing and will bring the right equipment for it.

Have you ever hired removal vehicles before? Do you know what you need? Do you know many journey’s it is going to take? If you are not sure, it’s always best to hire a moving company. When you hire vehicles yourself you pay for a set time.

What if the job is not finished and you need the van or truck (you will also need a relevant truck license) for longer?

Make sure to find out the cost of hiring your own van if the time goes over. From experience, these costs are significant.

Another important factor to remember, if you damage any part of the vehicle during your move, the hire company will charge you accordingly.

Again, from personal experience these costs can be huge. By hiring a removal company, you don’t have that pressure or burden if something goes wrong or a vehicle has an accident.


3. Quality of Service

A house removal company will (well should anyway!) provide quality service, but with friends and family, you are not guaranteed the same level of care – because they usually do it for free! But this also means that if something does happen then they will most likely not care too much or not know how to rectify the situation.

You will usually find that when something goes wrong with friends and family, they will simply stop helping and go home.

Moving companies are professionals who come prepared to do a very tough job, and if you need extra help then it’s usually no problem and the crew get stuck in.

Depending of course on what moving company you have hired, most of them should provide a professional service and help you during the move. My advice is at the start of negotiations with the removal company, make sure you understand the level of service you are getting for what you have paid for.

Some house removal companies in Ireland may charge you extras that you didn’t know or understand.

I know here at Dublin Removals, we are fully upfront on all costs beforehand. Customer satisfaction is so important to us and, hence, why we always go the extra mile when moving people from house to house.

4. Home Storage

By outsourcing and utilizing home storage services you can save money by not having to purchase extra storage units yourself.

If you are moving in the near future, you may not have too much of an issue with where to store your items, as there should always be someone at home for the most part.

But what happens if you sell or rent your new property and need to clear out everything quickly? Are all your goods going fit to go into a storage unit? This will become expensive!

At Dublin Removals, you can use our self storage service at a fraction of the cost it would be to hire storage units yourself.

And just like everything else in this house removal guide, we are upfront on all costs beforehand so no nasty surprises that may leave you out of pocket.

There are many reasons why people choose to store their possessions. If you are moving abroad or need some extra time before settling down, self storage may be good for you.

If your house is going through renovations, it’s not a good idea to keep your items in the way (or even at all if possible).

By utilizing home storage as part of your house removal services, you can ensure that your belongings are kept safe and in one place. There are many benefits including:

– No need to worry about damage or theft.

– All items will be kept together in one place.

– Handy if you need time to sort through everything before moving on.

– No need for garage, attic or basement storage units (which can cost more).

Many people choose to store all their belongings before they move to a new property. This can be a good idea if you need some time before moving on to ensure that everything is going to fit into the new place.


Estimate Moving Costs

Home Removals Cost

Hiring house removal services can be a great idea if you want to save money and have peace of mind that your belongings will not get damaged or lost.

The best way to find the right company for you is by doing research beforehand, reading reviews from past customers and finding out what they liked and disliked about their experience with the company in question.

You should also ask friends and family members who may have moved recently which companies they used when moving home so that you can compare prices as well as quality of service offered.

Another key point to consider is whether it’s better value in the long run hiring professionals to do all the heavy lifting (and packing!) versus trying on your own one item at a time – inevitably making more trips back-and-forth if you choose to do it yourself.

And finally, outsource all the other aspects of moving such as home storage and removal insurance so that you can focus on what matters most – settling into a great new home!

With Dublin Removals, we have been operating for over 20 years offering house removals all over Dublin and Ireland with an excellent service at a competitive price. By outsourcing these aspects as well, home movers can save more money and focus on getting their new house in order!

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