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Are you moving? Are you dreading it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Moving is a huge ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be stressful.

On moving day, the house is full of boxes and chaos. But it’s also a time of excitement, as you get ready to start your new life in your new home. You have planned and organised everything down to the last detail.

You have hired a moving company to help. But you’re still not sure how it all works and what to expect on moving day.

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, read on to see what you can expect on the day of your big move.

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Moving from Cherrywood, in South Dublin to Swords, North County Dublin.

What happens on moving day… let’s find out

It is always a big decision for any person or family to move. There are so many things to consider – the new home, the schools for the children, what will happen to the old home and neighbourhood? There is so much to organise and plan.

For many people in Dublin, the decision to move comes when they outgrow their family home, want to downsize, or need more space. The commute to work in the city centre can also be a factor.

Some get tired of their long commute and decide to move closer to their place of work. Many people are also moving out of Dublin to the commuter towns around the city – Swords, Malahide, Dun Laoghaire, Cherrywood, Maynooth, Bray, etc.

What happens before moving day

The days and weeks leading up to moving day are always very busy. The family might be packing up their belongings and getting rid of any items they don’t need or want anymore.

They will also be arranging for the move and planning how they will get from their old home to their new one.

If they use a moving company, they will need to book one and decide what they want to take with them. If they are moving themselves, they will need to hire a van or truck and pack everything up themselves.

The week before moving day is usually a time of great excitement as well as stress!

Before the move day itself, usually, a moving company will call to confirm the time they will be arriving. At this stage, everything such as price, what’s been moved, and where everything is going should have been agreed upon.

This makes everything run smoothly on the day.

If you have any large items, such as a piano, that need to be moved, make sure you let the movers know in advance so they can plan for it.

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What to expect on moving day

Moving day can be a long and tiring day, but it is also an exciting day as the family finally get to their new home.

The movers will arrive and start to unload the van or truck. It is always best if someone from the family is on hand to direct them to where everything needs to go.

It is important that they label each box with what room it is going in, as this will make it much easier for the movers.

The boxes won’t all go in one room, so it is important to have a plan for where everything will go. This will help to make the move less stressful and chaotic.

Moving company did the packing

If the removals company provided a packing service, everything or most items will likely have been neatly packed and labeled the previous day. This will take some of the stress away from moving day.

When house removals companies provide packing services, as part of it, they offer a free site survey. This allows them to take accurate measurements of your home, so they can supply the correct amount of packing materials.

This usually includes boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape. They will also supply wardrobe boxes and crates for larger items.

On bigger moves, such as when people are moving from Dublin to a different county, or a 3 or 4-bed house, the removals company will send out a team of packers to help with the packing before the day of the move.

On smaller moves, such as a 1-bed apartment, it may not be necessary to do site surveys, etc

Customer did the packing

If you’re packing yourself, it’s best to start as early as possible. This will give you plenty of time to pack everything up properly.

Label each box with the room it is going in and make sure that they are all packed tightly so that nothing gets damaged in transit.

Pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top. This will help to keep everything in place.

Include a few boxes of essentials, such as toiletries, bedding, and kitchen supplies, so that you have them when you reach your new home.

Again if you do decide to do the packing yourself, make sure that everything is packed and ready to go for the movers on the day of the move. This will avoid delays, which may significantly increase the cost to you.

It is very common to underestimate the time it takes to pack all the contents of your house, so make sure to start early, buy all the moving boxes and equipment you will need, and plan accordingly.

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First few hours

The first few hours of the move will be the busiest. The movers will be loading all the bulky items and boxes into the van or truck.

If you have children, make sure they are safe and out of the way while the movers are working. Many families leave the house for the day and maybe leave just one person there.

The movers will usually take a break for lunch, so this is usually a good opportunity for the customer to do a quick scan of the old property.

After a quick lunch, the movers will usually start to finish up loading the truck(s). With all the bulky items on, the smaller items are packed into the remaining space.

When everything is packed and loaded, it’s a good time for the owner to look around the property to see if anything has been left behind.

It’s also best for the movers and owners to talk about the plan for where these items are going to go in your new home so that they can be reassembled as quickly as possible.

Final hours of moving day

The final few hours of the move are usually much quicker as everything is being unloaded from the truck and put into its rightful place in the new home.

This is where the removal team start to reassemble beds, wardrobes, and other furniture that was taken apart for the move.

The movers will place all your boxes in the rooms they are meant for and will make sure that everything is tidy before they leave.

The final thing to do is to check that nothing has been forgotten or misplaced on the trucks.

Check for any damages and if everyone is happy the moving company will get you to sign saying everything has been delivered successfully and accept payment as agreed.

The movers will usually leave once everything is sorted and settled.

It’s important to remember that moving day can be very hectic, so it’s best to try and relax and go with the flow. If you have any questions or concerns, make sure to talk to the movers as they will be more than happy to help.

If everything goes to plan, you should be in your new home before the end of the day.

This timeline is just a general overview of what can be expected on moving day. Every move is different and may take longer or shorter than this.

Moving day goes much smoother when everyone is working together so make sure to communicate with the movers and your family members.

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Hiring a moving company in Dublin

When it comes time to move, many people find themselves wondering whether they should do the packing themselves or hire professional movers. There are pros and cons to both options, so it’s important to weigh them carefully before making a decision.

If you choose to do the packing yourself, you will save money on the cost of the move. However, it will take significantly more time and effort, and there is a greater chance of something being broken or misplaced in transit.

On the other hand, if you hire professional movers, they will do all the packing for you and make sure that everything arrives safely at your new home. The downside is that it will be more expensive, than if you do it yourself. However, it is a much more stress-free option, and you can be sure that your belongings will be handled with care.

When it comes to moving companies in Dublin, there are plenty of options to choose from. Make sure to do your research carefully before selecting a company, as not all of them are created equal.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide which option is best for your specific situation. Just make sure to weigh all the pros and cons carefully before making a decision.

Now that you have a good idea of what to expect on moving day, it’s time to start planning. The best way to make sure everything goes smoothly is to start as early as possible. This will give you plenty of time to pack and organise everything up properly and make sure that nothing is forgotten.

Good luck and happy moving!

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